Meet Franchisee, Santhosh Magadi
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Meet Franchisee, Santhosh Magadi

Backed by almost a decade of experience running his own landscaping business, Santhosh - a qualified civil engineer by trade - brings a highly valuable set of skills to his role as Landscaping Consultant for Zones South East Melbourne.  

Santhosh understands that successful landscaping projects are achieved by exceptional project management, something he prides himself on delivering. This approach ensures clients are guaranteed landscaping transformations which are delivered as planned on time, and to budget. 

Using the proven Zones Landscaping process, Santhosh is committed to keeping his clients happy at every stage of the journey, from the initial planning and design phases to construction and planting. He also places value on service and communication and ensures his team places a smile on the face of clients upon the completion of every project.

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